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Tranquil - Coconut Husk & Rosewood Melts Pack - Impodimo Living & Giving

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Escape into your very own calming sanctuary where serenity and tranquillity awaits. Soothe your senses with the combinations of luxurious Coconut Husk and heart notes of Rosewood with a floral burst, full of natural aromas bringing a true scent of a Bohemian dream indoors.

4 Half Cubes


Hayley Marie Candles

- Natural, mood inspiring fragrances -

Fragrances inspired by aromatherapy, to entice the senses and inspire moods. Every one of our candles are made with natural soy wax and pure cotton wicks.

– At the heart of every Hayley Marie Mood Candle, is the person who is destined to light it.

Our collection of aromatherapy inspired scents are designed to inspire moods and perfectly complement your environment. We’ve carefully fused selected aromatherapy scents into our Live, Relax, Seduce and Sleep ranges to ensure there’s a Hayley Marie Mood Candle for any space, any mood.

As you light one of our pure cotton wicks, you’re instantly consumed by the gorgeous aromatherapy scents infused with natural soy wax.

Every Hayley Marie Mood Candle is handmade to take your mind on a journey to somewhere else, without leaving your own home.