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The Impodimo Story

About The Store

Located in Garfield, Victoria – only a short drive from Melbourne – Impodimo Living and Giving is an independent retailer of personal accessories, gifts and interior décor items. The store is located in the heritage-listed commercial precinct on Nar Nar Goon Road – in the back of the old Garfield Garage, a building that boasts an avid history of almost a hundred years.

As a primarily retail-based store, Impodimo stocks brands with an Australian presence and warehouse and – where possible – sources Australian designed, owned and made products. The Impodimo team hope to celebrate authenticity and creativity by fostering relationships with local brands, promoting local artists and artisans, and providing creative skills workshops for customers and their community.

Since taking over the business in 2016 the owner, Kristy, hopes to further incorporate styling and interior design services into the business, and expand the reach of Impodimo’s message into the online world.


The Impodimo Story

Impodimo Living and Giving was opened nearly ten years ago by property developer and local farmer, Robyn Collins. In founding the business, Robyn hoped to provide the opportunity for local and visiting shoppers to experience how gifts and the emotions of giving can bring happiness and appreciation to us all.

Impodimo – an African word meaning ‘Gifts from God’ – is also a game park in South Africa just near the Botswana border. The area that the game reserve is located, Madikwe, is home to most of Africa's wild animals, including the Big Five – lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and buffalo. Robyn’s memories of the wildlife in this area, and the social atmosphere that pervaded her time there, heavily influenced the creation of the Impodimo brand.

From the beginning, the business focused on stocking high-quality goods at affordable prices and carefully sourcing new, bespoke products each season. In the pursuit of bringing a little bit of adventure into the quiet Victorian countryside, Impodimo has made some wonderful connections with suppliers and customers that have last years and will continue to be fostered in the future.

The business changed hands in 2016 to the current owner, Kristy Robinson, though Robyn remains a staunch supporter of the business to this day.