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There are many consumers shopping online today that cannot afford to pay the full list price in one upfront payment for differing reasons. Impodimo utilises the Brisbane-based layby and layaway service, LAY-BUY, to provide a more versatile payment scheme for customers. 



LAY-BUY is a deferred payment option that allows clients to affordably pay for their product purchases via one down-payment and up to three monthly instalments. The buyer decides at the time of purchase how much they would like to pay as a down-payment, and the number of months they will need to pay off the product. This way buyers have time to pay-off some of the more expensive goods. The product is delivered after the final installment has been paid.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to contact us.



LAY-BUY installments are auto-paid from the linked card in your PayPal setup.



A small, once-off admin fee of 1.9% applies to any purchases made on LAY-BUY. Aside from this, there are no other fees for LAY-BUY transactions - including interest charges and late fees.



For further information on our layaway services check out the FAQs on the LAY-BUY website or contact us.