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Vitality - 50 Tips To Invigorate Your Heart, Mind, Body & Soul

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Living with vitality can sometimes be difficult when life seems like an endless 'to do' list. When we are in control of our thoughts and body we feel more powerful, engergised, confident and happy. Vitality gives quick and easy tips you can weave into your daily life that will help you feel healthier, stronger, and more confident. This book is about finding meaning in your life and living it with great exuberance and passion. Through creating simple habits you can create a life of incredible vitality."Timeless Values" is a book of quotes on personal principles - from early texts to modern writers. All are still central and relevant to the problems of today; consumerism, crime, dishonesty, and confused beliefs. Here are the strong timeless values that will help us bring integrity, kindness, fairness and courage into our workplace, our family, and our personal lives.